Node.js (Express/Meteor) – JavaScript.

Node.js offers an environment that powers the development of full-stack JavaScript applications. Given the capabilities provided by JavaScript for both the front end and the back end, no wonder that Node.js frameworks enjoy overwhelming popularity.

One of the most popular Node.js open-source frameworks is Express. It is classic in terms of common web apps development. A server-side framework, Express can be employed by developers of different levels: it provides minimum features required to build an HTTP server in Node.js. Express can be used as a middleware framework in the same way PayPal and MySpace do.

This framework is an excellent choice for apps requiring multiple online connections and quick data retrieval from a database. A trap here is the necessity to install additional libraries and other packages, and further, always state aware of compatibility issues. It doesn’t make real sense to use Express for complex web portals, while its use may be perfect for the development of simple web applications.

Another noteworthy Node.js framework is Meteor.js. This full-stack framework implements the Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC). Meteor employed, JavaScript can serve as the client/server language. What is more, there are several dozens of additional packages that developers can use as supplements to this framework.

Meteor-based apps can be run on the devices that have such operating systems as OS X, Windows, and Linux. Another perk is the cloud deployment service, namely Galaxy, built specifically to run Meteor apps. To make this server work for your custom application, you will need to create an account and use a MongoDB database. Via Galaxy UI, developers can manage the number of views and resource usage, change settings to adjust Galaxy environment variables.

This framework is the right choice in case you are going to kick off a new web app development project to acquire a solution with real-time sync., reactive and gorgeous UI, and building target audience capacity.