React JS Development  

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Now, when it comes to front-end development, we have observed that Angular is the default choice among business owners who wants to take their business online. However, there is another popular front-end development framework called React JS that has been breaking records in the web development space.

What is React JS?

React JS is basically a JavaScript library built and maintained by Facebook. According to the creator of React JS, Jordan Walke, React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications. Ever since its launch, it has taken the front-end development space by storm. The latest survey by Stack Overflow also revealed that React is the most loved web framework, while Angular ranked 9th on the same list.

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Today, there are over 220,000 live websites using React. Not only that, but industry giants like Apple, Netflix, Paypal, Paksofto, and many others have also already started using React JS in their software productions.

Key benefits of react js for front-end development

The React JS offers tons of benefits. Let’s see the key benefits of React JS to understand why it stands out from other front-end development frameworks. For any online business, search engine optimization is the gateway to success.

According to Moz, the lower the page load time, and the faster the rendering speed, the higher an app will rank on Google.

Thanks to the fast rendering, React, compared to other frameworks, significantly reduces the page load time, which greatly helps businesses in securing the first rank on Google Search Engine Result Page.

It comes with useful developer toolset

Learning emerging technologies and using them in real-life projects can be both fun and beneficial, but only if they are used correctly.

Facebook understands this and it’s for this reason they have added much needed React dev tools and Chrome dev tools in their React JS framework.

These React tools basically help developers discover child and parent components, observe component hierarchies, and inspect components’ present state and props.

Strong community support

Like Angular, React also has very strong community support, which is one of the main reasons to adopt React JS in your project.

Every day, a large number of individual React developers are contributing towards making React a better frontend framework. Currently, React JS has attained 136,079 stars on Github and 1,331 regular contributors.

Not only that, but experts are also regularly uploading free React tutorials on Youtube and writing in-depth React tutorial articles & blogs on the internet. For instance, a simple “free React tutorial” search on Google gives 13,00,00,000 results.

Apart from this, React experts are also regularly solving doubts on QA sites like Stack Overflow and Quora, meaning if you ever get stuck while using React, you can always get reliable solutions given by experts.

It offers better code stability

React follows downward data flow to ensure that the parent structure doesn’t get affected by any modifications in its child structure.

So, whenever a developer makes changes in an object, he or she only needs to modify its states and make proper amendments. This way only a specific component will be updated.

This data flow and structure, as a result, provide better code stability and smooth performance of the application.